Interesting AI language-related tools in 2024

AI language-related tools

You know those days when you’re experiencing writer’s block, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to find the right words to express your ideas? While multiple techniques exist to overcome this block, one effective approach is to utilise artificial intelligence. With the rapid advancement of AI, several writing-related GPT tools have been introduced to users. From crafting creative narratives to polishing technical documents, these GPTs offer a wide range of functionalities tailored to enhance the writing process for authors, professionals, and hobbyists alike. This blog post aims to navigate these AI language-related tools by introducing what they offer, how they work, and how they can be seamlessly integrated into your writing process.

Overview of language-related GPT tools

ToolWhat is it?How does it work?
Write For Me“Write For Me” is a GPT tool that helps writers to find the right words and phrases for their work, tailored to the project’s tone, style, and audience. It’s designed for different users, from authors to professionals and hobbyists, facilitating a smoother writing process.By understanding the project’s specifics, such as target audience and content goals, “Write For Me” provides personalised writing assistance. It can create outlines, suggest content improvements, and manage word count, helping writers to produce content that resonates with their intended audience.
Humanizer Pro“Humanizer Pro” transforms AI-generated text to closely resemble human writing, suitable for various writing projects needing a more natural touch. The tool can enhance the readability of blogs, articles, professional documents, creative stories, and other texts.The tool employs algorithms to refine text, adjusting tone and style to ensure readability and a human-like quality. Users can also choose between different levels of humanisation.
Human Writer–Humaniser–Paraphraser (HumanGPT) “HumanGPT” is designed to closely mimic human writing patterns, focusing on creating text that reflects human-like style and tone. The tool can be applied in diverse settings (eg creative writing, customer support, and educational content creation).Analysing user-given input, “HumanGPT” generates responses replicating human conversation’s variability and depth. It adjusts its output for complexity and variability, aiming for a text that feels more natural and less generated.
AI Humanizer Pro“AI Humanizer Pro” is a specialised tool designed to enhance the readability and relatability of AI-generated content. It focuses on refining text to make it more human-like by adding an emotional dimension often missing in standard AI outputs.The tool interprets and transforms AI-generated text by taking the essence of the original content and rephrasing it to engage the audience on a more personal level.
Book Creator Guide“Book Creator Guide” is an AI-powered assistant designed to support users in book writing. It helps from initial topic selection and chapter outlining to crafting a comprehensive book proposal.“Book Creator Guide” guides users through each step with personalised suggestions, generates relevant images, and also assists in creating detailed sections of the book. It offers the flexibility to save and share work in various formats, facilitating solo or collaborative writing projects.
Sora“Sora Video” is a specialised AI tool that transforms written content into video materials. It aids in creating video content from images or existing videos tailored for various purposes like education, entertainment, or marketing.Users provide written content or outlines, and “Sora Video” crafts videos that align with the user’s narrative, mood, and purpose.
Text to Video Maker“Text to Video Maker” is a tool that converts text descriptions into videos. It’s designed for all users, from educators to content creators.Users input their ideas or scripts, and the tool automatically generates a narrated video. It chooses relevant visuals and background music based on the content, thus simplifying the video creation process.
Essay Writer 😎“Essay Writer 😎” is an AI-powered tool that assists essay writing. It generates essays based on user requests, catering to various styles such as persuasive, narrative, expository, and descriptive. It aims to overcome writer’s block by providing a starting point or inspiration for writing.Users specify the essay topic, length, academic level, and preferred style. The tool then crafts an essay matching these criteria. While the essays are AI-created and not recommended for final use without modification, the tool advises consulting professional services for more personalised and academic essays.
Copywriter GPT – Marketing, Humanise Ads, Branding“Copywriter GPT” is a specialised AI language-related tool for marketers and content creators focusing on ad copy creation. It offers a structured approach to generating humanised and brand-aligned advertising content that can be used on various platforms.Users are guided through structured questions on crucial ad copy creation aspects, such as campaign goals, target audience, tone, and messaging. Based on the inputs, the tool generates tailored ad copy that aligns with the user’s marketing objectives and brand voice, offering options for further optimisation, such as SEO and humanisation.
Translate GPT“Translate GPT” is an advanced translation assistant designed to handle a broad spectrum of content, including technical documents, literary works, and casual conversations. The tool translates to and from multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Russian.Once users provide the text needing translation, the tool considers the context and intended audience to offer translations that are contextually appropriate and effectively conveyed in the target language.
Fully SEO Optimized Article including FAQ’s GPT“Fully SEO Optimized Article including FAQ’s GPT” is a tool that helps people to write detailed articles that are good for SEO and include answers to frequently asked questions. It helps to make articles interesting, informative, and easy to find online.The tool uses intelligent SEO strategies, and understands user prompts to create articles that fit the audience’s needs. It ensures these articles are easy to find by improving their visibility on search engines. This way, more people can discover and read the user’s articles.
Humanize AI“Humanize AI” helps to improve AI-generated text so that it sounds more like an actual human wrote it. It rephrases the core content in a way that would have seemed more interesting to readers without losing the original meaning.With the help of linguistic models, “Humanize AI” refines the wording and tone, and adds variability to make it seem like a human wrote the content.
Language-related GPT tools
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Examples of use cases

So, let’s see how these tools perform with given tasks. We will use a different language-related tool for each case since the listed solutions are tailored for various purposes.

Use case 1: Humanising an email generated by ChatGPT (ver. 3.5)

Several AI tools aim to humanise AI-generated texts. For this example, we asked ChatGPT to generate a short cold email for a B2B company that develops customer relationship management software and wants to expand its clientele.

Here’s ChatGPT’s response:

Subject: Elevate Your Business with Our CRM Solutions

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

I hope you’re doing well. I’m reaching out from [Your Company], a leading provider of CRM solutions.

Our cutting-edge software streamlines sales, marketing, and customer service processes, empowering businesses like yours to thrive. Interested in learning more? Let’s chat.

[Your Name] 
[Your Position] 
[Your Company]

Now let’s send this text to “Human GPT” and see how its improvement compares to the original text:

Subject: Let’s Transform Your Business Together with Our CRM Tools

Hello [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well and thriving. I’m reaching out to you from [Your Company], where we’ve been working on something that I believe could genuinely make a difference for businesses like yours. Our CRM software is designed to simplify and enhance your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts, all in one place.

I’d love the opportunity to discuss how our solutions can specifically meet your needs and help your business grow. Would you be open to a conversation about it?

Warm regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Company]

As we can see, the improved text is longer and flows better while reading. Since this is a cold email, unlike the original text, the improved version uses a more polite tone. On the downside, the wording is generic, although it is to be expected from an AI language tool. Nevertheless, it can be improved by adding more details and shaping it to feel more personalised for the recipient. Overall, the “Human GPT” version certainly sounds more human.

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Use case 2: Writing a science conference abstract

For this example, we will test how well an AI language-related tool performs with text vastly different from a social media post or a marketing email, and how it typically follows a specific structure and tone. We asked “Write For Me” to generate an abstract on the topic “Utilising AI for teaching a second language to adult learners” for a conference on second language learning.

Here’s the outcome: 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education technology, the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a groundbreaking approach to teaching second languages to adult learners. This study investigates the effectiveness of AI-driven tools, including Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), in providing personalized learning experiences, enhancing engagement, and improving language acquisition outcomes. By leveraging AI’s capabilities to adapt to individual learning styles, pace, and preferences, the study demonstrates how AI can significantly reduce the language learning curve for adults. The analysis encompasses various AI methodologies, such as natural language processing and machine learning, to offer insights into their application in language teaching. Preliminary results indicate a notable improvement in language proficiency, motivation, and retention rates among adult learners. This research underscores the potential of AI as a transformative tool in second language education, promising more efficient, accessible, and tailored learning solutions.

This example shows that a more general writing-related GPT might not be the best solution for writing conference abstracts. The generated text mimics a typical abstract structure; however, the wording is commercial-like and not objective. One might instead aim to use an AI language tool to edit and refine a draft abstract, but using it to create a text from scratch requires the user to send a lot of context to make it work. 

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Use case 3: Generating SEO keywords for a website

In this final example, we want to create a website from scratch for a gallery that displays artwork inspired by nature. Before creating a website, we need a list of SEO keywords that can be incorporated into the website’s content to improve the site’s visibility and attract the target audience. For this task, we used the help of the “Copywriter GPT – Marketing, Humanize Ads, Branding” tool.

Here’s what it responded:

For each keyword or phrase, consider creating content that not only incorporates these terms but also provides value to your visitors. For example, artist interviews, behind-the-scenes looks at the creation process, and articles about the importance of nature and sustainability in art could all be great ways to include these keywords organically. Additionally, staying active on social media and linking back to your website can help improve your site’s SEO.

The generated list is decent, considering our prompt wasn’t very detailed and didn’t outline anything about our target audience. Some of the suggestions are more generic. However, there are some slightly more specific phrases as well. Another positive aspect is that after listing some sample keywords and phrases, the tool encourages us to incorporate them and create valuable content for the target audience. Overall, using AI to improve visibility in search engines can be pretty efficient, especially for beginners who might not be familiar with SEO keywords.


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