Transly provides nuanced and context-dependent translation, localisation and transcreation services to clients around the world. Our main services include translation, copywriting, SEO, and editing in a diverse range of languages. Our professional team of language experts offers a service that transcends simple translation, providing quality and original content that is fully adapted to your region, culture and specific field.

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Why choose Transly?

  • Personalised service
  • Dedicated project managers
  • Specialised teams of linguists and translators
  • Reliable quality management
  • Global localisation experience
  • Advanced technological competence
  • Competitive prices
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Project managers


Gerda is our talented project manager, whose enthusiasm, warmth and dedication provide the key to happy clients. She is a native of the University Town Tartu where she also obtained her degree in English Philology. In addition to English, she is also fluent in Spanish. Gerda’s excellent communication skills, fast replies, and helpful ideas make her a fantastic project manager whose positivity rubs off on others.



In Katrina’s capable hands, every translation project is completed swiftly and successfully. She is highly passionate about languages. With Russian as her mother tongue, Katrina obtained her degree in Finnish Language and Culture. She is also an exceptionally talented translator of press, prose and advertising texts. Her thoughtfulness, good sense of humour and kind and caring nature make her an ideal colleague.



Our conscientious sales manager, Shane, does his best to exceed customer expectations. Shane received a Bachelor of Commerce degree at McMaster University in Canada, with a focus in Marketing. In addition to English, he also speaks Spanish and fluent Estonian. He listens to the needs of clients and always finds the solutions that suits them best. He responds to emails at lightning speed and always gives good advice, making working with Transly a breeze. His creative thinking and willingness to help bring customers back to us again and again.

Transly sales manager


Külli is our development and technology lead. She has been working as a translator for more than 15 years and has studied translation at Tallinn University. Külli is a perfectionist who is never satisfied with anything less than the optimal result. Her unique ability is her fast reading skill. She also has extremely good technical acuity and an unerring ability to anticipate upcoming trends.

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Minni is our digital and content marketing lead. She has a BA in Semiotics and an MA (cum laude) in Business Administration. Her work history encompasses marketing, PR, content creation, search engine optimisation and other digital disciplines. Minni has spent years exploring different countries in Europe, Asia, and South America and is thus fluent in several languages including English, Russian, and Spanish.

content creation

Translators, editors and content creators


Katarina is a brilliant content creator and skilled English and Swedish translator. She has a degree in Journalism and is currently studying for an MA in Translation. A gifted wordsmith whose every word has weight and meaning, Katarina writes engaging press releases, articles, and blog posts that are sure to leave no one unmoved. She is also an exceptionally talented translator of press, prose and advertising texts. Her thoughtfulness, good sense of humour and kind and caring nature make her an ideal colleague. Finally, when it comes to Katarina, not a day goes by without some ad hoc poetry and a little dancing.

Swedish translator


With a BA in English Language and Culture and an MA (cum laude) in Translation Studies, Keith is a former English teacher skilled at working in cross-cultural environments. She is a creative and meticulous translator, with a love of language and a keen eye for detail. She particularly enjoys translating legal texts, marketing texts, advertisements and websites.

marketing translator


Kennet has been working as a translator for more than 20 years. He has obtained degrees from the University of Helsinki, Finland, and the University of Zaragoza, Spain. Kennet is fast, precise, and extremely talented. He is a polyglot, speaking not only Swedish, Finnish and English, but also Spanish and Russian.

Swedish editor


Kristiina is a determined and skilled translator with a strong work ethic and extensive experience in the field of translation. She has obtained an MA (cum laude) in Translation. Her technical translations are always terminologically accurate, legal translations meticulously thought-through, and her marketing texts eloquent and compelling. Above all, Kristiina loves translating texts that create value for society. In her free time, she loves to knit, crochet, and enjoy delicious food. Being a passionate dog lover and owner, Kristiina has also started her journey to become a dog trainer.



With a BA in German Language and Culture and an MA (cum laude) in Translation,  Mailiis is a translator with an exceptionally rich vocabulary. Attesting to this are the outstanding press releases, articles, and websites that she has translated. In addition to being a skilled translator of marketing texts, Mailiis also produces quality legal translations. In her spare time, Mailiis loves to read, do puzzles, cross-stitch, and cook.



Mari-Liis is a talented copywriter who creates a variety of texts for social media, websites and press. Listening skills, kindness and professional dedication are the key qualities she offers. She is currently studying linguistics at PhD level. Mari-Liis puts the client’s vision into appealing words while also taking into account the finest practices of content creation. Through her patient, professional and emphatic approach, she continually delivers the best results.


Mark Kristjan

Mark Kristjan is a translator who is not afraid to challenge himself. He holds a BA in Spanish Language and Culture, and has studied translation in Spain. Fascinated by art and culture, Mark has carried out tours and excursions in both French and Spanish. With a lucid eye for detail, Mark is an exceptionally good translator. He fully respects his profession and strives for continuous self-improvement and growth. An interesting fact about Mark is that he has a phenomenal memory: for instance, he can recite 80 decimal places of Pi by heart.

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Paula is an eloquent copywriter with strong analytical skills and an innate affinity for writing and communicating. She is fluent in Finnish, Russian and Swedish, and has joint MA degrees in International Relations and East European Studies. Her international outlook is the result of her previous experience of living and working/studying in four countries. She has also completed a six-month internship at the Finnish Embassy in Nur-Sultan and has worked with NGOs such as Amnesty International and the UN Youth of Helsinki.

Finnish translator


A former ESL teacher, Ramon is our English-language editor and copywriter. He lives in East Anglia UK and works for us remotely. He has obtained a BA in English Literature and History and an MA in History, and has been working with words for almost 10 years. Ramon has an unusual ability to turn almost any text into an outstanding final product. He is a strong creative writer and unconventional thinker. He is modest, reliable, fast and has an unwavering eye for errors and mistakes.

English editor


With a smooth baritone voice, Roman is a true multi-talent whose Russian translations are praised by editors and clients alike and whose dulcet tones sound equally good in advertisements, on the stage and in television shows. He has two degrees: one in Russian Philology and other in Drama Studies. Having studied in Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Finland, and the UK, Roman has experience in translation, editing, voice-overs and dubbing as well as playwriting, public speaking and acting.

Russian translator


One of the most experienced and erudite members of our team, Sergei has worked as an editor and translator for more than 25 years, principally translating into Russian and in a diverse range of fields encompassing fiction, educational literature, legal texts, business documents, and advertising. A full professor with a doctorate in Russian from Tartu University, he is the author of over 60 publications including textbooks, monographs, and scientific articles.



Danil is our technical specialist whose daily work includes the management of translation memories, term bases, and other IT projects. He is also responsible for ensuring the working order of all the computers and software solutions of the translation agency. Danil has many hobbies: he is an active member of the gaming community, writes sci-fi novels, makes pottery, and volunteers at the North Estonian Blind Association.


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