hispaania keel
Dialects of Castilian and Spanish
sugu keeles
Gender in language – what is the impact on society?
One person, two languages – an insight into bilingualism
afroameerika inglise keel
The immeasurable contribution of African American English to world language use
How watching Õnne 13 helped me learn Estonian
vastutustundlik ettevõtlus
Transly Translation Agency was awarded the gold quality label by the Responsible Business Forum
eesti keele õppimine
Learning Estonian as a Native English Speaker: An Outsider’s Perspective
Finnish holidays in 2022
leedu pühad 2
Lithuanian holidays in 2022
Latvian holidays in 2022
Estonian holidays
Estonian holidays 2022
Russian holidays
Russian holidays 2022
Swedish holidays
Swedish holidays 2022
crowdsourced translation
What is crowdsourced translation?
Localisation or translation?
Translating marketing texts
Translating marketing texts
Machine translation: the past, the present, the future
user manual translation
User manual translation and preparation
Translation and translation software
Translation and translation software
Ordering translation services
Ordering translation services
Frequently asked questions: ordering translation services
Website translation into Japanese
Website translation into Chinese
common mistakes in English
Common writing mistakes made by non-native English speakers
press release
How to prepare a press release
What makes a successful headline?
translation agencies
How do you choose a translation agency?
Translating special-format files
translate contract
Contract translation – why choose a translation agency?
translating websites
The 10 commandments of website translation
website translation
What makes a great website translation?
translation of safety data sheets
Translation of safety data sheets
Toimetatud tõlge
Edited translation or unedited translation – that is the question
kontorist väljas
Out of office message in English, Finnish, Estonian, Russian, German, Lithuanian and Latvian
Choosing a copywriting style – 12 archetypes
flag icons
How to use flag icons when translating your website?
translating the website
Translating the website and WordPress plugins (2018)
webpage translation
Website translation
technical translation
Technical translation