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Why should you order English translations from Transly Translation Agency?

Excellent English translation 

Transly Translation Agency has been awarded the international ISO 17100:2015 quality certificate, meaning that Transly Translation Agency complies with all the requirements for the provision of translation services. The English translation you ordered from us retains the original meaning of the text, contains no mistakes and is natural-sounding to the intended reader. That is why, in the process of translating, we keep in mind the core meaning of the text and convey it in a way that is easy for the reader or user to understand. We firmly believe that a good English translation is one that can easily be understood by your English-speaking business partner, customer, or colleague, regardless of their background and mother tongue. We produce precise and terminologically correct legal translations. To achieve the best results, we will request additional information and review the source text where necessary. If you are looking to tap into English-speaking markets, we are able to localise the translation to the English-speaking audience – this is especially important when translating websites, marketing texts, safety data sheets and the like.

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Swift English translations

We work fast. Thanks to Transly’s excellent technical capabilities, skilled translators, and smooth processes, our translation process is also faster. We always do our utmost to get back to you as soon as possible and the same applies to the preparation of price quotes. If necessary, we can speed things up even more by having several translators working on one project simultaneously. Thanks to rapidly evolving neural machine translation, our working speed also improves. Modern translation software that detects repetitions in a text further helps accelerate our work process. In translating into English, our work process is efficient and flexible and decisions are adopted quickly. Therefore, we can safely say that Transly is one of the fastest translation service providers in the field.

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Affordable English translation

Transly offers translations with the best price-to-quality ratio. Our translation projects are carried out using the most modern technologies available and involve both a translator with a master’s degree and a professional editor. Thanks to smart translation software and continuously evolving neural machine translation, we can offer a very competitive price for English translation. We offer a discount on repeated segments in the text. This starts to play a significant role in permanent partnerships: the more similar texts we translate, the lower the unit price becomes for our loyal clients. We translate each segment once, which means you only have to pay for it once as well. This way you can be sure that we are making you the best offer.

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Smooth translation process

We are here to make the translation process as smooth and convenient for you as possible. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we have been able to develop solutions that enable us to manage translations systematically while also making use of translation memories, term bases and a central workflow system. We know that project management entails much more than just organising the translation of a text from one language to another. Having a streamlined workflow is essential in order to guarantee a stress-free ordering experience, transparent budget, and English translations that are completed in due time. For this purpose, we have minimised or automated all time-consuming standard procedures. This way you can be sure that both the budget and the deadline for the translation will meet your high expectations.

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Confidentiality guaranteed

We guarantee the confidentiality of all texts. Digital safety, data protection and confidentiality are aspects which we take very seriously in our work. The contract for translation services contains a confidentiality agreement. If necessary, it is also possible to conclude a separate confidentiality contract. The use of translation software and a secure storage server both help reduce the risk of data leaks. Thanks to translation software, there is no need to send files via e-mail, which helps prevent data leaks and misdirected e-mails. Additionally, real-time backup is integrated into our translation process, ensuring that your English translation is in safe hands with us.

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All translation-related services from one agency

We want your co-operation with us to be as convenient as possible. We will do our best to accommodate all your translation, editing and content creation wishes as well as those related to these services. Therefore, we also offer a search engine optimisation service for translated websites and a localisation service for online stores. Our services also include translation consulting, assessment of translation quality, voice-over, and dubbing. In addition, we are happy to offer layout, design and printing services for translated texts. This all ensures that you can easily and conveniently find all English translation related services in one place.

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Külli is the Head of Translation at Transly Translation Agency. She has been working as a translator for more than 15 years and has studied translation at Tallinn University. Külli is a perfectionist who is never satisfied with anything less than the optimal result. Her unique ability is her fast-reading skills. She also has extremely good technical acuity and an unerring ability to anticipate upcoming trends.

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Transly Translation Agency offers professional translations that save you time and money.

To place an order, send us an email or fill out the enquiry form with the following information:

  • What services you are interested in
  • Which languages you need the service in
  • What the deadline for the job is

Please also include any additional information or a file when submitting your request so that we can analyse it and provide you with an exact quote.

We will get back to you with a quote within an hour.


Which English translation service should I choose?

English technical translation

Technical translation covers areas such as engineering, construction, environmental protection and technology, information technology, transport, automation, etc. The most common types of texts that require technical translation are, for example, user manuals, safety instructions, quick-start guides, setup guides, reports and applications. Technical translation forms a very important part of the services provided by Transly. We translate user manuals and IT-related texts into English, localise applications for the English-speaking market, and offer many other services.

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Website translation into English

Website translation is one of our most popular services. A high-quality website translation creates a trustworthy image for your company. That is why we will translate the website of your company into English conveniently, quickly and with quality in mind. Manual copying and pasting of website texts is a thing of the past – we use smart technology to automatically export web texts and import translations. Transly’s English translators and editors have SEO knowledge and, in the process of translating websites, web texts and blog posts, they take strategic keywords into account.

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Translation of economic texts into English

The translation of economic texts into English is an important field that includes annual report English translations as well as the English translation of accounting documents, bank statements, proof of payments, and the like. The advantages of using Transly when you plan to acquire English translation of economic texts encompass: knowledge of financial vocabulary and accounting and banking terminology, confidentiality, speed, good communication, and excellent price-to-quality ratio.

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Legal translation into English

Legal translation into English involves the translation of contracts, court documents and legislation. With ISO-certified quality processes in place, we produce precise and terminologically correct legal translations into English. Transly complies with strict personal data protection rules and confidentiality requirements, which are especially important in legal translation.

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Marketing translation into English

The translation of a marketing text into English can be considered successful when the message is conveyed accurately in English, the translation reflects the values and style of the brand, and, above all, the English translation does not come across as a translation. Translating product descriptions, websites, online stores, overviews, articles, slogans, advertisements, campaign messages, sales offers, company missions or visions, or brand values into English fall under marketing translation into English. In addition to marketing translation, Transly is also an expert in the field of English localisation and transcreation or creative translation into English.

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Translation of scientific texts into English

The translation of scientific texts into English is also one of our main services. Our clients include Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology, the Estonian Research Council, the Geological Survey of Estonia, the Estonian Environmental Research Centre, the Praxis Center for Policy Studies, and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, among many others. In the translation of research articles or doctoral theses into English, we will pay particular attention to relevant terminology and work closely with the client to ensure a quality translation.

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Medical translation into English

Medical translation into English involves, among other things, the English translation of user manuals for medical devices, information on medicinal products, patient information leaflets, health files, pharmaceutical research, etc. All our English translations undergo a quality-assurance process pursuant to the ISO standard, ensuring that English translations are accurate, completed on time, and comply with other quality standard requirements. Other advantages of choosing Transly include confidentiality, speed, and an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

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Safety data sheet translation into English

A safety data sheet is a document that provides information on how to ensure the safe use of a chemical throughout the supply chain. Since each safety data sheet supplier is responsible for the contents of the safety data sheet, it is best to entrust the translation of safety data sheets into English to Transly Translation Agency. Not only do we translate the text, but we can also identify potential substantive shortcomings or inconsistencies in it. We have extensive experience of translating safety data sheets into English. We always keep up to date with the latest relevant legislation and official terminology, in order to ensure the correctness, clarity and accuracy of your safety data sheet translations.

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English localisation

Software localisation is the translation and customisation of a computer program or mobile application for the English-speaking market. Software localisation takes into account the preferences, needs and habits of users in an English-speaking country. Software localisation jobs at Transly are entrusted to professional translators who are both tech-savvy and native speakers of English.

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English interpretation services

Interpreting, whispered interpreting, remote interpreting, conference interpreting and consecutive interpreting are English translation services that are needed at events, meetings, training courses, notarial transactions, etc. Transly’s English interpreters are highly trained professionals with lengthy experience in a variety of fields. We will help you choose an interpreting service that best meets your needs.

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Sworn translation into English

Sworn translation into English is an official document translation service which we offer in co-operation with English-language sworn translators. The English sworn translator assumes liability for the correctness of translation with their signature and seal. If a certified English translation is required, for example, for school admission, travel, or court proceedings, only sworn translators are competent to translate these documents into English.

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The best translation is the outcome of human input and technology. Get the finest translation services from Transly Translation Agency.

Translation languages

German-English and English-German translation

It is not easy to redeem yourself in the eyes of a German once you have made a spelling mistake. Transly translates websites, online stores, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides into flawless German. We also translate from German into English. Send us a German-English-German translation enquiry! We will be waiting.

German translation

French-English and English-French translation

Did you know that more than 200 million people worldwide speak French? We translate websites, menus, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides into French. We also translate from French into English. Send us a French-English-French translation enquiry!

French translation

Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation

Did you know that European Spanish and Latin American Spanish are different from each other? Transly translates websites, contracts and much more besides into Spanish. We also translate from Spanish into English. Send us a Spanish-English-Spanish translation enquiry! 

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Italian-English and English-Italian translation

Italian is spoken by approximately 85 million people around the world. We translate websites, user manuals, leaflets, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides into Italian. We also translate from Italian into English. Send us an Italian-English-Italian translation request! We will be waiting.

Italian translation

Ukrainian-English and English-Ukrainian translation

More than 45 million people speak Ukrainian as a native language. We translate websites, user manuals, leaflets, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides into Ukrainian. We also translate from Ukrainian to English. Send us a Ukrainian-English-Ukrainian translation enquiry! We will be waiting.

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Russian-English and English-Russian translation

Did you know that on Russian websites it is good practice to use the formal you instead of the informal you when addressing the reader? Transly translates websites, product descriptions, contracts and much more besides into Russian. We also translate from Russian into English. Send us a Russian-English-Russian translation enquiry!

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Swedish-English and English-Swedish translation

More than ten million people speak Swedish. We translate websites, user manuals, leaflets, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides from Swedish-English and English-Swedish. We offer professional Swedish-English-Swedish translations that save you time and money. Send us a Swedish-English-Swedish translation enquiry! We will get back to you within 2 hours.

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Norwegian-English and English-Norwegian translation

Norwegian has a total of 5 million native speakers. Transly translates websites, online stores, leaflets, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides into Norwegian. We also translate from Norwegian into English. Send us a Norwegian-English-Norwegian translation enquiry!

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Finnish-English and English-Finnish translation

More than five million people speak Finnish. Transly translates websites, online stores, leaflets, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides into Finnish. We also translate from Finnish into English. Send us a Finnish-English-Finnish translation enquiry!

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Latvian-English and English-Latvian translation

More than one million people speak Latvian as a native language. We translate websites, online stores, product datasheets, catalogues, marketing texts, documents and much more besides into Latvian. We also translate from Latvian into English. Send us a Latvian-English-Latvian translation enquiry! We will be waiting.

läti tõlge

Lithuanian-English and English-Lithuanian translation

More than two million people speak Lithuanian as a native language. We translate websites, user manuals, leaflets, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides into Lithuanian. We also translate from Lithuanian into English. Send us a Lithuanian-English-Lithuanian translation enquiry! We will be waiting.

leedu tõlge

Polish-English and English-Polish translation

The Polish language has a total of 38 million speakers worldwide. We translate websites, user manuals, leaflets, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides into Polish. We also translate from Polish into English. Send us a Polish-English-Polish translation enquiry!

Poola tõlge

Estonian-English and English-Estonian translation

Around one million people speak Estonian as a native language. We translate websites, user manuals, leaflets, contracts, marketing texts and much more besides into Lithuanian. We also translate from Estonian into English. Send us a English-Estonian-English translation enquiry!

estonian translation

Entrust your translations to us. The eager translators of Transly Translation Agency provide fast and high-quality translations.

Frequently asked questions about English translations

Why translate into English?

Owing to the large number of people who speak English, translating communication materials into English is a strategically good decision. Translating your website into English is the first step in bringing your products or services into the international arena. Of course, the translation of technical documents, product descriptions, marketing materials, and other texts from English into the local language is also widespread. Translation into English is one of the core services of our translation agency: our experienced English translators and native English-speaking editors do their utmost every day to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our English translations.

How should you submit a request for an English translation?

When ordering an English translation, add the source text when submitting your request, if at all possible. If the source text is not yet quite ready, please state the approximate number of words that will need to be translated. Additionally, include the purpose of the translation and some information about the intended reader of the text. Finally, specify the deadline, required format, and any special requests regarding the translation. When ordering an English translation, remember to indicate whether the translation needs to be in American English, British English, Australian English, New Zealand English, South African English, or indeed some other variety.

How is the price of English translations determined?

The English translation service is affordable. Keep in mind, however, that South African English translations, for example, are priced more highly than American and British English translationsThe cost of an English translation is largely determined by the field of the text: translations of advertising texts on general topics are cheaper than translations of, for example, medical texts, because the latter will require the involvement of a specialist translator, editor, or expert to ensure terminological accuracy. We offer our regular customers an attractive discount system made possible by our translation software, which allows us to account for repeat segments. Thanks to this, our clients can save a significant amount of money on repeated sections of text.

What are the most common requests for English translations?

Most orders for English translations concern product documentation, user manuals, medical texts, informational materials, marketing texts, websites, applications, documents, or correspondence. We also translate legal texts and fiction into English. In addition, we offer quality assessment for English-language translations. We also offer express translation into English for our customers. This means that if you need a translation fast, we will do our best to accommodate you and find a way to have the translation ready when you need it without sacrificing quality.

English copywriting – all you need to know

English-language content creation is becoming more and more popular around the globe. Export-oriented companies often conduct their sales, marketing, and product development processes solely in English. Even many domestic start-ups and product developers sometimes have user manuals, sales materials, and product catalogues prepared in English for the future. When ordering English copywriting, it is necessary to consider the variety of English spoken in the target market. We offer content creation in American English, British English, and many other forms of English. Our English-language texts are always produced by copywriters who are native English speakers and have an intimate understanding of the English language sphere, word connotations, and the impact of context.

What about editing English-language texts?

If you have translated a text into English yourself and the text is important to you, it is a good idea to have it checked by a native English-speaking editor. Similarly, if you have received an English translation from a translation agency and you are not entirely happy with the result, you may want to have it professionally edited. Our English language editors are native English speakers with a degree in English philology. We strive every day to ensure that you are happy with our translations from English or into English and the texts we proofread and edit for you.

What is the position of the English language in the world?

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, only surpassed by Mandarin Chinese and Spanish in terms of the number of native speakers. English is spoken by nearly 1.5 billion people worldwide, of whom around 375 million are native English speakers. English is often termed the business language of the world because most daily business communication today is conducted in English. On top of that, more than 50% of all online content is in English. This makes English one of the most important languages to translate materials into, whether your needs involve business documentation, web content, social media messages, or marketing materials.

Who should you order your English translations from?

When it comes to English-language translations, people tend to believe the job can easily be performed by anyone who knows a smattering of English. If you choose to go down this route, then, yes, you’ll have your English translation and you can tick that box, but a friend living abroad is no substitute for a professional translator, and it is likely that your text will be teeming with both grammatical and factual errors, along with the use of English that will often appear clumsy or even laughable to a native speaker. Our translation agency will choose the most suitable translator for your project from its pool of talented professionals. Believe us when we say you will not regret ordering your translations from an agency that employs specially trained translators whose work is double-checked by an experienced editor. High-quality English translations can only really be created by a translator for whom English is their first language, who lives or has lived in an English-speaking environment for a long time, or who has a language studies degree and is professionally trained in translation. Our English translations are edited by native English speakers. We offer translation and editing for both American English and British English.

Why is English used so widely?

English hasn’t always been a lingua franca: across different times in history, the role has also been fulfilled by French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin. But while the latter have largely lost their relevance as a global language, English has only become more important over time. This is not so much due to the morphology or lexicology of the English language as the global influence of English-speaking countries. The rise of the English language began during the British Empire, which has been the largest colonial empire in history, once occupying nearly 24% of the world’s land surface, including the territories of Australia, the US, Canada, India, and a number of Southeast Asian countries. The British constructed buildings and streets in their colonies, taught the locals new skills, and thereby laid the foundations for the triumph of the English language. The British Empire lasted a long time, finally collapsing for good in the mid-20th century. By then, however, English had already become permanently entrenched in countries such as India, Malaysia, Brunei, the Maldives, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Kuwait, South Africa, Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, and many others. The status of English as the official language of powerful economies such as the United States, Australia, and Canada further bolstered its influence and led to its spread in other developed countries. Then, as Hollywood grew to eclipse the film industries of other countries, English also rose to the position of the global language of media culture. The combination of all these factors is the reason why English enjoys the prominence it does today.

Which online dictionaries are the best when translating into English?

Translators use dictionaries and term bases to translate texts. One of our translators’ favourite databases is Termbases.eu. The nature of the text determines the most relevant dictionary for translating. For each text, the best dictionary can be selected from a constantly updated list of dictionaries. The best known online dictionary is, of course, Google Translate. But while Google Translate supports a whopping 103 languages, the application has received a fair share of criticism for its inaccurate translations. Unfortunately, Neural Machine Translation is not available for all languages as yet, but Google is working hard to make AI-based translation tools available for every language as soon as possible.

Export to US

The US export market is diverse and full of potential. If performed correctly, entering the US market can be a success story for both large and small enterprises as well as online stores and service providers. As the language of the US market is English, English-language export materials specifically tailored to the market will benefit your business in all other English-speaking countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. If you’re looking for polished and accurate English translations, our team here at Transly Translation Agency should be your first choice.

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Communication that crosses borders

Take a look at the increasing importance of exports to your business. We can provide you with translations as well as foreign language informational materials.

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