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Editing and proofreading are important services for our text and translation agency. For correcting spelling and grammatical errors, proofreading is the best option. If, however, you also wish to improve the style, simplify the sentence structure and reword the text, we recommend ordering the editing service.


What is language editing?

Editing consists of making the text flow and improving the clarity of the text. After editing, the text will have a consistent style and meet all language rules. The editor improves the order of the words and, if necessary, the word choice (for example, if the meaning of the words is imprecise). Edited texts will be free of spelling and grammatical errors, use verified terms, and will ensure the correct specialised vocabulary.

In addition to eliminating linguistic inconsistencies, the task of the language editor is also to check the facts and, if necessary, shorten the text or add explanations. It also includes text formatting (line spacing, text margins, font). In the case of translated texts, editing also consists of checking that the translation matches the source text. The editor makes sure that the meaning of the source text is conveyed correctly and unambiguously in the translation.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the correction of spelling and grammatical errors in the text. Proofreading primarily consists of checking punctuation, typing errors and grammar. Proofreading does not include style or word choice correction. As such, proofreading is lighter than editing. Thus, it is also cheaper and can be completed more quickly.

Proofreading is required for any official text, given that any accidental spelling, grammatical or stylistic error is likely to significantly reduce the credibility of the text. If the text is truly important to you, it is always worthwhile ordering proofreading.

What is copy editing (content editing)?

Content editing or copy editing is text revision. Content editing is the best choice when the text needs extensive changes. It involves, for example, completely changing the structure of the text or making the text more comprehensible. Sometimes it is also necessary to completely change the style of the text – this is also where copy editing comes in useful.

Copy editing is more comprehensive and time-consuming than language editing. Unlike the language editing performed by the editor, content editing is usually performed by a copywriter. When planning copy editing, the most important aspect is to ensure the writer understands your expectations for the text, because only then can they rewrite the text in the best possible way.

What is specialist editing?

Specialist editing is an additional service for technical translations. Separately ordered specialist editing is appropriate if the translated text concerns a specific field and the translator or writer is not an expert in this field. Specialist editing is performed by experts with a comprehensive knowledge of their field and with a high command of language as well as impeccable spelling.

What is SEO editing?

SEO editing is an additional website translation service. Separately ordered SEO editing is necessary if your website text has been translated or compiled by someone unfamiliar with search engine optimisation (making your website rank highly) requirements. SEO editing is performed by a web optimiser familiar with SEO methods as well as capable of fluent writing with the correct spelling.

When should you order language editing for a text?

If the text has numerous readers, it is always a good idea to have another pair of eyes go over it, because editing will help improve it. Whether it is a letter, document, article, user manual or a promotional text, more often than not, there is room for improvement.

Having the text edited is also appropriate if you are dealing with an in-depth text from a specific field, which has been compiled by someone without a comprehensive understanding of the subject. In such a case, you should order specialist editing. In addition, editing can be necessary in the case of texts published online – in that case, you should order SEO editing. Finally, if there are spelling errors in the text, you should order proofreading.

Which editing service should you choose?

The selection of the appropriate editing service should be based on the function of the text. Whether proofreading alone is sufficient or if you need more comprehensive editing depends on the initial accuracy of the text in terms of spelling, grammar and style and how satisfied you are with the text as it stands. When editing a text, its final reader must always be kept in mind. If it is a user manual that the reader will examine in detail, it is important to use appropriate and precise wording that contains no ambiguity.

If you wish to turn an ordinary text into a sales text, you will need to use content editing. In that case, the editor can also provide suggestions for sales invitations in the text. In the case of content editing, the editor’s job is to make sure that your call to action sounds natural and that there is an appropriate number of repetitions – not too few, not too many. If only spellchecking is required, it is best to order proofreading.

Which languages do we edit?

We offer language editing, proofreading, content editing, copy editingspecialist editing and SEO editing in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian. If you require editing services for a different language, please send us the text to be edited by e-mail and we will get in touch with you shortly to let you know whether we can provide editing for your text and what deadline and price we can offer.

For our foreign-language editors, the language in which they provide editing is always their first language. Using an editor who is a native speaker of the target language helps ensure that the final text is flawless and natural and takes into account all of the nuances of the respective language sphere.

What are the editing deadlines?

A professional language editor is capable of editing an average of 15 000 words, i.e. 25 pages per day. The speed of delivery depends on how extensively and thoroughly the document needs editing. Content editing, specialist editing and SEO editing typically take longer than proofreading, because the work is more extensive. Editing time is also supplemented by time spent on delivery review and communication with the customer.

If you need editing for a text of only five pages, it should be taken into account that it may still not be completed within one business day. The project manager needs time to acquaint themselves with the text, prepare a quote, and find the most suitable editor. The editor, in turn, needs time to familiarise him- or herself with the subject matter of the text. In general, we can complete urgent editing work of less than ten pages within one business day, but you should always specify the deadline upon ordering.

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We were organising a large event – Tallinn Truck Show – and ordered a press release writing, press release editing and press release distribution service as well as a few translations from Transly. We were fully satisfied with Transly Translation Agency’s professional attitude, speed and the results they achieved. Thanks to Transly’s excellent work, our press release was published on practically all Estonian- and Russian-language media portals. 100% recommended!

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We needed a translation agency to have our online store translated into Finnish and were looking at quite a few providers. In the end, we decided to go with Transly Translation Agency and have been truly happy with our decision. The online store translation project was fairly large in volume, and every now and then we found additional snippets we had forgotten to send into translation. Despite this and thanks to Transly’s team being so forthcoming, the job was always completed very quickly and the entire translation process went considerably faster than we initially expected...


Thank you very much for your collaboration! So far, all translations have been done professionally, the translators are competent and the translated texts, which are technical and difficult, are all understandable and correct. The translators work fast and observe the deadlines, which is very important to us. Customer service is professional and reliable. The prices are also competitive. We are very happy with the service and hope to continue this pleasant cooperation.

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