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Website translation (website localisation) is translation service designed according to our customers’ needs. An optimised website is founded on texts that meet specific SEO rules. We have expertise to translate website and adapt its SEO according to another language. We also create website content in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian and translate them in accordance with current SEO rules. In addition, we also offer website optimisation services – keyword analysis, website content creation, SEO editing, SEO content editing, etc. – in other languages. Our SEO translators, copywriters and editors follow the latest developments in the world of SEO and do their best to make your website translation rank among the top online search results.

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What is website optimisation - SEO?

Website optimisation is the practice of directing organic traffic to your website via a search engine. Organic traffic means visitors not gained through paid advertising (e.g. when using Google AdWords). Essentially, it is about getting your website to the first organic positions of the Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex search engines.

This is achieved by using a number of different techniques. Only websites featured in the top positions can be assured significant traffic. An important part of optimising a website is the content creation in which information is structured in a way that enables search robots (web crawlers) to distinguish and recognise them.

Why is it important to optimise a foreign language website?

Each language sphere is different. Website optimisation is based on the analysis of keywords and keyword competitors. If your website is in English and appears in the first positions of Google, then just translating the website might not be sufficient to achieve the same result with, for example, Russian, Finnish or Estonian.

Instead, it is better to start with a keyword analysis and then have the website text translated or adapted based on the new keywords. In some cases, this may also require creating an entirely new webpage. For foreign language pages, it is also generally important to create a new content, because the language sphere may be different, there may be more websites covering the same subject, and thus competition for the same keywords may be higher. Therefore, it is important to optimise your website translation content in order to reach the top positions for foreign language search results.

How can you make a foreign language website appear in the top Google search results?

In order ensure that your foreign language website appears in the top online search results, you need to optimise the content of your website translation. Merely optimising your site for English will not be enough to succeed in the Estonian, Russian or Finnish markets.

Keyword and keyword competitor analysis should also be performed for any other languages and the existing texts should be adapted or new content should be created based on the keywords of the other language sphere. For example, in order for your website to be successful in the Russian language sphere, you will need to create significantly more content than for your Finnish website, because there is simply much more competition on the Russian-language web – the same keywords are fought over by tens of thousands of pages.

Although you may get away with using broader keywords in Estonian, it may be wise to choose more specific keywords in English. Using specific keywords for which competition is lower is a viable alternative to substantial and often endless content creation.

What does regular cooperation for website optimisation look like?

For website content optimisation, we also offer the option of regular cooperation. This means that we translate your website, adapt existing content or create new content in another language, offer regular content creation if desired (e.g. writing blog posts), monitor your website’s keyword positions for various language versions at agreed upon intervals, and expand your website with multilingual content according to a content plan.

This kind of content optimisation is most effective if your website has already been translated into other languages and you wish to generate as much organic traffic through search engines as possible. Regular content updates help achieve better positions for your website and constantly increase the amount of content for English, Russian, Finnish, Estonian and other foreign language versions. This ensures better visibility on all markets.

What is the process for ordering website translation?

To order our website translation (website localisation) and optimisation service, please send us an e-mail. Briefly describe which optimisation practices you have been using so far, what you have achieved through this, your website optimisation goals, and your target audience. Moreover, please state the languages in which you wish to translate your website. Our project manager will then contact you with clarifying questions or, if necessary, send you a form to fill in.

When the initial task is clear, you will receive a quote for our website translation and optimisation service. After you have confirmed the price, we will translate your website and make suggestions for optimising the content of your website. Once we have received confirmation, we will implement these suggestions on your website.

In which languages do we offer website translation and optimisation?

We primarily provide website translation (localisation) and optimisation in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian. However, we can also offer website optimisation in other languages. For a quote for foreign-language website content optimisation, please send us an enquiry.

What is keyword analysis?

Keyword analysis consists of compiling a list of the most important keywords, taking into account your field of activity, customer profile, competition and the products or services you offer. Keyword analysis is the foundation for your keyword strategy. Keyword analysis can range from identifying a dozen to thousands of important words and expressions, depending on the language pair, keyword strategy and your goals.

We provide keyword analysis in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian. However, we have also performed keyword analysis in other languages. Each language pair is handled by an SEO expert for whom the target language is their first language. In addition to being fluent in the target language and having a rich vocabulary, the SEO expert is also familiar with the language and cultural environment as well as the market situation. Using an expert who is a native speaker of the target language allows us to offer you the best service for foreign-language keyword analysis.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the best way to improve your website’s sales and visibility. SEO copywriting combines the best practices of copywriting and all the strategies for improving the visibility of your website (SEO). In other words, SEO copywriting means creating polished, SEO-sensitive sales texts.

The SEO aspects of the text attract visitors to your website, while the copywriting practices encourage visitors to order your service or make a purchase. The combination of both of these aspects helps to significantly increase the number of orders made through your website.

We provide SEO copywriting in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian. Our copywriters remain up to date with the ever-changing SEO rules and will do their utmost to guarantee that your website texts attract more visitors, thus ensuring better sales.

How long does website translation and optimisation take?

Depending on the objectives and nature of the project, website translation and optimisation can take anywhere from five days to five months. In order to achieve the best results, the website should be optimised regularly by periodically updating existing website content and constantly adding new content.

Regular website optimisation is especially recommended if you are active in the highly competitive English-language web. In the case of Russian- and Finnish-language websites, regular updates are essential if the keyword competition is high.

How much do we charge for website translation and optimisation?

The price of website translation depends on the translate language, your website word count and your business area.

Our website optimisation service starts at €900. Depending on the size of the project, the price may be significantly higher. In addition to content volume, the price of optimisation also depends on the language, the length of the keyword list, current keyword competition, your field of activity, and the duration of the cooperation agreement.

For long-term cooperation agreements, we can offer an attractive discount. In regard to content creation and optimisation, it is always important to keep in mind that investing in content creation will generate value for many years, and, as the volume of your content grows, existing content resources are constantly amplified.

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We were organising a large event – Tallinn Truck Show – and ordered a press release writing, press release editing and press release distribution service as well as a few translations from Transly. We were fully satisfied with Transly Translation Agency’s professional attitude, speed and the results they achieved. Thanks to Transly’s excellent work, our press release was published on practically all Estonian- and Russian-language media portals. 100% recommended!

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We needed a translation agency to have our online store translated into Finnish and were looking at quite a few providers. In the end, we decided to go with Transly Translation Agency and have been truly happy with our decision. The online store translation project was fairly large in volume, and every now and then we found additional snippets we had forgotten to send into translation. Despite this and thanks to Transly’s team being so forthcoming, the job was always completed very quickly and the entire translation process went considerably faster than we initially expected...

Thank you very much for your collaboration! So far, all translations have been done professionally, the translators are competent and the translated texts, which are technical and difficult, are all understandable and correct. The translators work fast and observe the deadlines, which is very important to us. Customer service is professional and reliable. The prices are also competitive. We are very happy with the service and hope to continue this pleasant cooperation.

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