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Transly Translation Agency is a full-service translation agency. We do our best each day to meet your translation and content creation needs. In addition to translation and copywriting, we have developed a range of language industry services that allow us to fulfil all your needs when ordering a full-service translation. In addition to standard translation, editing, content creation and foreign-language SEO services, we also offer translation services tailored to more specific needs. These are software localisation, translation consultation, translation memory creation, translation quality assessment, interpreting, voiceover, and dubbing. Full-service translation can sometimes also include layout, design and printing.

full-service translation

What is software localisation?

Localisation is the comprehensive adaptation of a translation to the target market. In addition to the standard translation process, localisation can also include the creation of a term base, the development of a style guide, the adaptation of graphics to the target market, testing, and more.

Software localisation is the translation and customisation of a computer program or mobile application. At its core, it is most similar in nature to the localisation of multilingual websites. Software localisation takes into account the preferences, needs and habits of users in another country. Software localisation is performed by committed translators for whom the target language is their first language and who are fully experienced in solving IT-related challenges.

What is translation consultation?

We offer you support in all matters related to translation and content creation. If necessary, we provide suggestions on adjusting, updating or creating terminology. We update and manage term bases, help you choose the most suitable translation software, offer you support in all matters related to translation software, and, if required, provide both advice and assistance in implementing translation software.

These and many other activities are grouped under the common denominator “translation consultation“. We will ensure that you receive a friendly and professional service and comprehensive answers from our responsive and competent project managers to all your questions related to language, translation, and content creation.

Why create a translation memory?

Translation memory creation is a service that can help you save a significant amount of money on translations. To create a translation memory, we group together all the translations you have ordered from us over the years. For this, we need both source and target language files. Using the completed translations, we then create a translation memory. If necessary, we will also carry out quality assessments for the previous translations and harmonise the terminology.

Depending on the volume of the translations, a file will be created containing all the text segments translated so far. If any future translations you order contain repeat segments, this will allow you to save money on already translated parts, as the translator will not need to retranslate previously translated texts. If you need many translations on a regular basis and the texts have numerous repetitions, as is often the case with user manuals, product descriptions and websites, creating a translation memory is a useful service.

When should you order translation quality assessment?

Translation quality assessment gives you an overview of the quality of existing translations. This is often a useful solution when you have doubts about the quality of a translation or need an objective evaluation of a finished foreign-language translation.

Translation quality assessment involves identifying translation errors by subjecting texts to random or full checks. After the assessment is conducted, you will receive an overview of the errors in the text. This allows you to see the types of error the text contains and their frequency, along with providing a comprehensive independent evaluation of the translation.

Which interpreting service should you order?

Interpreting is divided into the following categories: simultaneous interpreting, whispered interpreting and consecutive interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting means interpreting the text while the speaker is speaking, and is primarily used for conferences (conference interpreting), official meetings, and gatherings. Simultaneous interpreting requires two interpreters per language combination, who work in an interpreting booth. Simultaneous interpreting can be delivered in several languages simultaneously.

Whispered interpreting, as the name implies, is a sub-type of simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter translates the speaker’s words for the listener in a quiet and unobtrusive voice. Whispered interpreting is more suitable for smaller gatherings.

In the case of consecutive interpreting, the interpreter sits among the participants and takes notes while listening to the speaker. Every two to three sentences, when the speaker pauses, the interpreter presents the spoken message in the target language. Additionally, we provide another form of consecutive interpreting, in which the interpreter presents the translation once the speaker has finished speaking entirely.

What are voice-over and dubbing?

Voice-over consists of a simultaneous interpreter or an actor speaking over a radio or television clip or video in order to provide a translation or add comments or explanations, while retaining the original voices and/or texts. Dubbing, on the other hand, is the replacement original voices and/or texts in an audio(visual) production with the voices of consecutive interpreters, actors or presenters. However, in translating audio and video materials, we do the opposite, by transcribing the audio or video file, i.e. put a spoken text into writing. If you send us an e-mail with a short description of what kind of voice you need (sex, age, specific features), we will send you a selection of voice samples.

What is layout?

We also provide a layout service. Layout consists of creating a design for a book, report, magazine, information material or other text. Layout, not to be confused with design, means the placement and formatting of a text. Layout may be useful if you need the text back in the exactly the same shape and size in which you submitted it for translation. We can redesign all graphs, figures and diagrams in the translated file. Layout is particularly important for providing a complete translation service in the case of user manuals, catalogues, product sheets, infographics, reports, books and other major texts.

What is design?

We also provide a design service. Design is the creation of design elements. The term “design” is used if the amount of text in a file is not significantly larger than the amount of design elements and if it is important to create attractive graphics for the material. Design is generally combined with content creation. We develop original designs for advertising texts, articles, leaflets and even menus to improve their legibility and visual appeal.

Where can you order printed materials from?

We can also be of assistance if, after translation, you also wish to have the translated materials printed. We have a partner network of printers through whom we can provide high-quality printed materials at affordable rates. We communicate directly with the printers, thus cutting out the middlemen.

Thanks to our long-term cooperation, we can offer you a competitive price for a wide range of printed materials. However, as printing information materials, books, magazines, advertising materials or brochures is not our primary service, we can only offer you our printing service together with our translation, editing or content creation services.

Why should you prefer a full-service translation agency?

We offer a full-service translation and content creation at the request of our customers, i.e. you. We want to be your trusted partner for translation, language editing, content creation and even multilingual digital marketing (foreign-language SEO). We hope that the opportunity to order all language services from one agency specialising in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian will help guarantee that your translations, written communications and marketing texts are flawless.

Thanks to the use of translation memories, we can offer translation services to regular partners at an especially attractive price. We offer you a dedicated team, which means that your contact person is always the same project manager and your texts are always handled by a translator, an editor and a copywriter specifically assigned to your projects. We take a personal approach to your needs and always do our best to provide you with the service you need.

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We were organising a large event – Tallinn Truck Show – and ordered a press release writing, press release editing and press release distribution service as well as a few translations from Transly. We were fully satisfied with Transly Translation Agency’s professional attitude, speed and the results they achieved. Thanks to Transly’s excellent work, our press release was published on practically all Estonian- and Russian-language media portals. 100% recommended!

Forest Steel

We needed a translation agency to have our online store translated into Finnish and were looking at quite a few providers. In the end, we decided to go with Transly Translation Agency and have been truly happy with our decision. The online store translation project was fairly large in volume, and every now and then we found additional snippets we had forgotten to send into translation. Despite this and thanks to Transly’s team being so forthcoming, the job was always completed very quickly and the entire translation process went considerably faster than we initially expected...


Thank you very much for your collaboration! So far, all translations have been done professionally, the translators are competent and the translated texts, which are technical and difficult, are all understandable and correct. The translators work fast and observe the deadlines, which is very important to us. Customer service is professional and reliable. The prices are also competitive. We are very happy with the service and hope to continue this pleasant cooperation.

Translation Agency Customer Feedback: Icopal


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