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Content creation includes the preparation of social media and advertising texts, press texts, and consumer texts. Social media texts comprise social media entries, tweets and blog posts. Advertising texts are, for example, slogans, promotional messages, informational materials and leaflet texts. Press texts are press releases and articles, customer periodicals, and newsletters. Consumer texts include user manuals, guides and instructions. We always do our best to ensure that our writing results in a simple and clear manual or a memorable and comprehensive blog post that is extensively shared.

content creation

What types of text service do we offer?

Transly is a text agency offering a complete translation service. This means that we provide translation for numerous language pairs, various editing services, copywriting, novel digital text services and, at the customer’s request, additional services related to our text services, such as layout and web design.

Our content creation services are categorised into three groups based on the type of text: copywriting, i.e. text writing; technical writing; and rewriting. We provide content creation in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting, i.e. text writing, is the writing of marketing or advertising texts. The product of copywriting is a copy, which is the written part of an advertisement. The purpose of copywriting is to help increase brand awareness and induce the desired behaviour in consumers, which is generally purchasing, joining a programme, spreading a marketing message, etc.

One of our content creation services which is currently gaining popularity is digital copywriting. When preparing a text, our digital copywriter takes into account visitors’ movements on the website, website optimisation requirements, linking and earning links, increasing time on page, and reducing bounce rate.

What is technical writing?

Technical writing is the preparation of technical documents. Technical writing includes compiling user manuals, creating guides and writing product descriptions. Our technical writer is a wordsmith well versed in logical thinking, who will work together with you to ensure that your user manuals are intelligible, your guides clear and your product descriptions comprehensive.

Although user manuals are often compiled by engineers, guides created by designers, and product descriptions written by already overburdened marketing teams, companies are increasingly taking the route of engaging a technical writer. The contribution of a professional writer to the compilation of a technical text is indispensable, especially when it comes to important texts that are translated into other languages and distributed online.

What is rewriting?

Rewriting is suitable if you wish to make extensive changes to a text or have it rewritten completely. Rewriting is cheaper than copywriting, because it does not generally require coming up with a new creative idea. The new text is formed within the bounds of the old one.

Rewriting may be necessary if you feel that the text should contain more call to actions or less jargon or have a different structure or writing style. When rewriting a text, we always start by formulating a goal with the customer. We also provide audio file transcription – putting audio or video recordings into written form, and vice versa – creating an audio version of a text.

How do you choose a copywriter?

Every copywriter is different. When selecting a suitable copywriter, you should consider your brand’s values. We have both whimsical and serious copywriters at our disposal, with a colloquial or a formal writing style. We work with text writers who work in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian. You can choose a suitable copywriter based on their writing style. At the start of our collaboration, we will offer you examples of the writing styles of our various writers, from which you can choose the best fit for you. This will be followed by a short test assignment on a subject of your choosing. After this, you can choose the most appropriate copywriter for you.

What kind of texts do we write?

During our time in business we have written a wide variety of texts, ranging from user manuals for innovative devices to online store product descriptions. Recently, there has been a surge in orders for optimised website content. Our digital copywriters have the necessary training and experience to create optimised web texts. We also prepare advertising, informational material, brochure and leaflet texts. We compile press releases and offer auxiliary services related to press release publication. We write articles and prepare texts for newsletters and customer periodicals. We also write social media texts and blog posts.

In which languages do we offer content creation?

We primarily offer content creation, copywriting, technical writing and rewriting in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian, although we have also supplied content creation in other languages.

If you need content creation in another language, please send us an e-mail. We will be in touch with you shortly to let you know whether we can provide content creation in your desired language as well as what deadlines and prices we can offer. For our foreign-language copywriters, the language in which they write is always their first language. Using a copywriter who is a native speaker of the target language helps to ensure that the final text is flawless and smooth, and takes into account all of the nuances of the respective language sphere.

How is the price of content creation formed?

The price of content creation depends on whether the job involves copywriting or technical writing, text’s field, its original language, its style and volume, the length of cooperation, and whether there is need for any additional services besides copywriting, such as text entry and design.

The cost of writing social media posts differs from that of compiling a user manual, because the amount of work required to create the content is quite different for these jobs. In order to compile a user manual, the writer often needs to meet the client and use the product or machine described in the user manual themselves, while finished blog entries generally need to be entered into the web platform and supplied with found or newly created photos or videos.

What is the process of ordering the content creation service?

To order copywriting, please send us an e-mail. Describe the job in as much detail as possible and add information about the desired language, deadline and the function of the final text. Following this, our project manager will contact you with clarifying questions or send you a quote for the content creation job. If you are happy with the price, we will determine the appropriate writing style.

When ordering a longer text, the copywriter will first finish one page of the text, from which we will collect your feedback. Once we have your confirmation order, we will complete the remaining text. When the copywriter has finished writing, the text is passed on to the editor. Once the editor has made their corrections, the text goes through delivery review, after which this final version is sent back to you. If you require additional services, such as text entry or design, the process will be accordingly longer.

Should you order website content or compile them yourself?

The question of whether to order website content or write them yourself is asked by many companies, both large and small. Ordering website texts from professional writers saves you time and guarantees excellent results.

The main concern when ordering website content is that unfamiliar writers might not understand the style of the company or be able to highlight the strengths of your products. This fear is unfounded. Before the start of every project, we will provide you with examples of our copywriters‘ style so that you can choose the best fit yourself. Our copywriters also have a wealth of experience in preparing website texts. In addition, we have created a number of materials – interview questions, forms and questionnaires – to gather all of the information we need from you before we start writing. Our workflow for preparing website content has proven itself and always yields the best results.

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We were organising a large event – Tallinn Truck Show – and ordered a press release writing, press release editing and press release distribution service as well as a few translations from Transly. We were fully satisfied with Transly Translation Agency’s professional attitude, speed and the results they achieved. Thanks to Transly’s excellent work, our press release was published on practically all Estonian- and Russian-language media portals. 100% recommended!

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We needed a translation agency to have our online store translated into Finnish and were looking at quite a few providers. In the end, we decided to go with Transly Translation Agency and have been truly happy with our decision. The online store translation project was fairly large in volume, and every now and then we found additional snippets we had forgotten to send into translation. Despite this and thanks to Transly’s team being so forthcoming, the job was always completed very quickly and the entire translation process went considerably faster than we initially expected...


Thank you very much for your collaboration! So far, all translations have been done professionally, the translators are competent and the translated texts, which are technical and difficult, are all understandable and correct. The translators work fast and observe the deadlines, which is very important to us. Customer service is professional and reliable. The prices are also competitive. We are very happy with the service and hope to continue this pleasant cooperation.

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