Transly Translation Agency received ISO 18587:2017 standard certification for machine translation post-editing

ISO 18587 2017

This year has been an excellent start for the Transly Translation Agency team. On 18 January we passed the ISO 18587:2017 certification audit. Our machine translation post-editing service management system was examined by Bureau Veritas. The audit result shows that Transly Translation Agency’s machine translation post-editing service meets the international MTPE standard ISO 18587:2017. No non-compliance or deviation was identified.

In addition to Transly Translation Agency’s MTPE service fully meeting the requirements of the ISO 18587:2017 standard, the auditor from Bureau Veritas highlighted as Transly Translation Agency’s strengths the mostly positive client feedback, informative website and the thorough and educational blog. The auditor also pointed out as our key advantages the video training and the gold level badge we received from the Responsible Business Forum in Estonia in 2023.

The certification process was professional and result-driven. The auditor analysed inquiries and projects, spoke to the project managers, translators and editors, checked that the qualifications of the translators and editors met the requirements of the standard, the translation service stages and feedback collection and analysis methods.

The certificate granted to Transly Translation Agency means that

Transly Translation Agency is holding ISO 17100:2015 translation service certificate as well. The certificates are valid until 18 January 2026.

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