Finnish holidays in 2022


Finnish holidays and non-working days in 2022 and the appropriate well-wishes in Finnish for each celebration.

In Finland, many holidays have a Christian background. Among other religious observances, Christmas and Easter, for example, are also celebrated as public holidays. On such dates, many shops and public offices are closed.

On public holidays, as well as on other important days in Finland, the national flag is always flown from buildings. In Finland, the national flag is an indication of solemnity. Thus, if you want to salute your Finnish colleagues or partners on a Finnish national holiday, you could fly their flag.

If you are planning a business meeting or social event with your Finnish partners, be sure to find out in advance whether it is appropriate and whether they are available on the planned date. On the day preceding a religious or public holiday in Finland, Finns usually work reduced hours, which means that offices close by noon.

As many church holidays, such as Epiphany, Easter Monday, and Ascension Day, are public holidays in Finland, it would show consideration to schedule business meetings on a different date. Although in many other countries these dates are still regular working days, it is polite to refrain from scheduling work events for church holidays in Finland. Considering local customs shows Finns that you respect their traditions.

In the following list of Finnish holidays in 2022, public holidays are marked in red. Other dates of importance for Finns are marked in black.


1 January 2022 – New Year’s Day

Hyvää uutta vuotta! (Happy New Year!)

Onnea ja menestystä uudelle vuodelle! (Good fortune and success for the new year!)


6 January 2022 – Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day

Hyvää loppiaista! (Happy Epiphany!)


 5 February 2022 – Runeberg Day

Hyvää Runebergin päivää! (Happy Runeberg Day!)


14 February 2022 – Valentine’s Day

Hyvää ystävänpäivää! (Happy Valentine’s Day!)


15 April 2022 – Good Friday

17.04.2022 – Easter Sunday

18.04.2022 – Easter Monday

Hyvää pääsiäistä! Iloista pääsiäistä! (Happy Easter! Have a lovely Easter!)

Pääsiäistervehdys! (Easter greetings)


1 May 2022 – Labour Day, Spring Day

Hyvää vappua! Iloista vappua! Hauskaa vappua! (Happy Walpurgis! Have a lovely Walpurgis! Have a great Walpurgis!)


8 May 2022 – Mother’s Day

Hyvää äitienpäivää! (Happy Mother’s Day!)


26 May 2022 – Ascension Day

Hyvää helatorstaita! (Happy Ascension Day!)


05 May 2022 – Pentecost

Hyvää helluntaita! (Happy Pentecost!)


25 June 2022 – Midsummer Day

Hyvää juhannusta! (Happy Midsummer Day!)


5 November 2022 – All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day

Hyvää pyhäinpäivää! (Happy All Souls’ Day!)


13 November 2022 – Father’s Day

Hyvää isänpäivää! (Happy Father’s Day!)


6 December 2022 – Finnish Independence Day

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! (Happy Independence Day!)


24 December 2022 – Christmas Eve


25 December 2022 – Christmas Day

Hyvää joulua! Rauhallista joulua! Iloista joulua! (Merry Christmas! Have a peaceful Christmas! Have a lovely Christmas!)

Jouluiloa! Joulurauhaa! (Christmas cheer to you! Christmas peace to you!)

Joulutervehdys! (Christmas greetings!)


26 December 2022 – second day of Christmas

Hyvää tapaninpäivää! (Happy second day of Christmastide!)


31 December 2022 – New Year’s Eve

Finns do not generally wish each other a happy New Year’s Eve, but simply a happy new year.


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