About us

Transly provides nuanced, context-dependant translation, localisation, and transcreation services for clients throughout the world. Our services include translation, creative copywriting, SEO, proofreading and editing for a diverse range of languages and regions. Our professional team of language experts offers a service that transcends simple translation, providing quality and original content that is fully adapted to your region, culture and specific field.

Here are just a few of the reasons to choose Transly translation agency: 

  • Personalised service 
  • Dedicated project managers 
  • Specialised teams of linguists
  • Automated quality-management processes 
  • Global localisation expertise 
  • Advanced technological competence 
  • Competitive prices 


Mari-Liis is a skilled project manager who effectively coordinates the team across multiple countries and time zones. Listening skills, kindness and professional dedication are the key qualities she offers. A bilingual Estonian and Russian speaker, Mari-Liis is also fluent in English and Swedish. She is currently studying Estonian and Finno-Ugric linguistics at PhD level. Through her patient, professional and emphatic approach, Mari-Liis is continually committed to finding win-win solutions for the clients.



Currently studying for an MA in Translation, and with a BA in English, Keith is a creative and meticulous translator, with a love of language and a keen eye for detail. A former English teacher skilled at working in cross-cultural environments, she particularly enjoys translating legal texts, marketing texts, advertisements and websites.



Kennet has been working as a translator for more than 20 years. He has obtained degrees from the University of Helsinki, Finland, and the University of Zaragoza, Spain. Kennet is fast, precise, and extremely talented. He is a polyglot, speaking not only Swedish, Finnish and English, but also Spanish and Russian.



Külli is our development and technology lead. She has been working as a translator for more than 15 years and has studied translation at Tallinn University. Külli is a perfectionist who is never satisfied with anything less than the optimal result. Her unique ability is her fast-reading skills. She has extremely good technical acuity and an unerring ability to anticipate upcoming trends.



Minni is our digital and content marketing lead. She has a BA in Semiotics and an MA (cum laude) in Business Administration. Her work history encompasses marketing, PR, content creation, search engine optimisation and other digital disciplines. Minni is ever-curious about finding new ways to utilise data management and code writing for marketing success.


Paula is an eloquent copywriter with strong analytical skills and an innate affinity for writing and communicating. She is fluent in Finnish, Russian and Swedish, and has joint MA degrees in International Relations and East European studies. Her international outlook is the result of her previous experience of living and working/studying in four countries. She has also completed a six-month internship at the Finnish Embassy in Nur-Sultan and has worked with NGOs such as Amnesty International and the UN Youth of Helsinki.


Raido is our English-Estonian-English and French-Estonian translator. Raido has a warm heart and an astute mind, which is also evidenced by his cum laude MA in Translation Studies. Raido is probably one of the most talented translators currently available in the world. He is reliable and consistently produces immaculate work. Raido has also been generously blessed with a great talent for music and photography.


Ramon is our English-language copyeditor. He lives in East Anglia, the UK, and works for us remotely. A former ESL teacher, he has obtained a BA in English Literature and History and an MA in History, and has been working with words for almost 10 years. Ramon has a unusual ability to turn almost any text into an outstanding final product. He is a strong creative writer and unconventional thinker. He is modest, reliable, fast and has an unwavering eye for errors and mistakes.


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